This is Ned and some French kid on the bowsprit of Royal Clipper, while under way..

The following are pictures that I took with my scuba camera (I have since retired that camera):

After a coupla successful deer hunts, I decided to go with a camera rather than a bow or gun. This is on the mainland, east of State Line island.

I've taken our Shadow​ on several camping trips at Pickwick. Here we are on State Line island. Shadow ​blends in with the night. She is just to the left of me, under that stick.

Photo of Sascha McConahay feeding fish, Norman Island, BVI. Sascha served as 1st mate on our first charter aboard Sarah Blu and free dives to 50 ft.+

Sunrise photo from 7 mile beach, Grand Cayman - it's not scuba, but this is where I put it.

The next set of pictures are of toys and such:

This lobster picture was taken on a Caribbean dive -- I forget where.

This is an older photo "action shot", with Sandy driving while I followed in another boat.

This is one of our Christmas Cards, where I "photo-shopped" out Sandy from the above picture, and inserted Santa.

Gina (new first mate) holding a starfish on our 2nd charter aboard Sarah Blu.

We won a coupla Regattas at Pickwick recently. The  Memorial Cup with The Brilley's as crew, and The Pumpkin Regatta mentioned next.

This Chris Craft is the "Belle of Shaley Shores" - bought by my parents new in 1960.

This is a 1959 19' Lyman (Lumberin' Along)​ which I took on several Tennessee River Cruises (antique boats). Here is myself (standing) and Sandy on the 2005 Cruise from Chattanooga to Knoxville and back.

Same trip. I'm glad he decided to turn off when he did. Speaking of barracudas, on the next trip (BVI), I didn't have a buddy and saw an almost black 'cuda 4 times the size of these - I swam away.

This grouper (and reef) was observed on one of our trips to the British Virgin Islands.

This is a 1950 17' Chris Craft Special Runabout, Mahogany Maid. She ​was co-owned with Paul & Joanne Bowes, pictured here.

We've chartered several sailboats in the Virgin Islands - here we've moved up to a cruise on Star Clipper.  This is the beach at Jost Van Dyke.

Here is Sandra and the sunset from the ship. We might have seen a "Green Flash" following the picture. What is she drinking?

Geoffrey had a front end accident, and I had it painted two-tone. Here's Sandra and I recently.

Here are three cruise ships off of St. Kitts.

This Barracuda was photographed on the same trip to St. Croix.

Here's my 2nd most favorite toy. I bought the '55 Chevy (all white) before Geoffrey & Dory's prom.


             The Ned Smith Vanity Page of Photographs



This next set of pictures are of Sandra and Ned from various trips we've taken:

Here they are in clown face, in the back seat of our 1995 BMW convertible. We still have the car, but they won't fit in it as they did back then.

Photo of grandchildren by the Mississippi River. Note blues and background. Memphis, home of the Blues. Elizabeth is on the left - Katherine on the right. Note Memphis bridge beyond.

Here's Sandra, Ned, and my sister Barbara in Nice, overlooking the Med. We miss Barbara.

This was the "Sea Trials after she got a new bottom. That's Karl Weinert driving - he did the work on the "Belle".

Here we are at an Ox-cart shop in Costa Rica.

                    Our 54th anniversary picture

This was on the Arkansas side of the river during the flood of 2011.

This is the Mississippi at Memphis, during the flood of 1997.

Here we are (same trip) in the charming village of Cassis - an ancient fishing  port on the Cote d'Azur.

Here we are in front of the Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct in Southern France.

Here's a recent photo of Katherine

Here we are with a dog we temporarily acquired on Martinique.

This is Ned in front of the Black Pearl  Restaurant on St. Vincent in the Windward Islands, where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

This is my sailboat "RoseBud II". She is an Ultimate 20. This spinnaker came with the boat.

Here's our oldest son, Sandy with wife Teresa

This is a cruise from the Canary Islands to Morocco, Gibraltar, and Spain aboard Le Diamant.

This is a cruise aboard Royal Clipper, down the coast of Italy to Sicily and back. This is Toramina, Sicily.

This is a larger spinnaker. The idea is to go fast.

The following are pictures of our houses:

This ray was photographed on another dive trip in the BVI.

This is a snow scene from 1982, taken from the water's edge. Incidentally, that boathouse was built in 1960, by the parents (owned the house next door) for their new Chris Craft.

This is our cabin on Pickwick Lake (at the confluence of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi), which we built in 1980. Note Chris Craft in boathouse.

This is near the cathedral in Seville, Spain -- on the trip from the Canary Islands. It is the world's largest Gothic cathedral.

This is the trophy for the Pumpkin Regatta, which Lee and I won.

   Here's our other son, Geoffrey with wife Dory and Katherine

Here we are with the American Niagara waterfalls in the background. This was a cruise aboard Yorktown, of the Great Lakes from Chicago to Toronto.

This is the Olympics of Agriculture called Floriade in Holland.This was aboard the riverboat Viking Spirit.

This sea turtle was photographed during a night dive off St. Croix

This sailboat is a 17' Thistle that preceded the above mentioned Ultimate 20 (RoseBud II) by one year. Her name was Girfriend.

This '55 Chevy (turquoise and white) preceded the above Red and White Chevy by about 5 years. Sandy named it "The Heap."

This next set is various trips we've made to the Caribbean:

This is one of my first pictures. This moray ell was an unusual color - to blend in with the Palancar Reef off Cosumel, Mexico.

Here's a recent photo of Elizabeth and the "M"  bridge in Memphis


Here we are on our cruise aboard ​Royal Clipper. The largest sailing vessel on the planet is in the background at Jost Van Dyke in the BVI.

Moray eel being cuddled, St. Croix, USVI. Note steel glove.

One can see the interior here - note how the trained ducks swam around.

This is our 53 anniversary picture. There is an audio post of this on Facebook, where Harry Caray announces: "Hello everyone, Harry Caray from Wrigley Field. Ned & Sandra Smith from Memphis, Tennessee celebrating a wedding anniversary here."  We were there in 1984, and Geoffrey recorded it.    Go Cubs.

Here are some toys, no longer in the inventory: 

This is a trumpet fish.

This is another famous dive site of the BVI - The Wreck of the Rhone.

Click here to hear my Dueling Banjos from 1975. I did one track on guitar and the other on banjo.

Click here to hear our being introduced by Harry Caray at Wrigley Field in 1982. Little did we know that they would win the World Series in 2016.

Here we are at an Antique Boat Show. Both dogs were named ​Shadow.

Sandra and I are Cubs fans. They've been to the playoffs in '03, '07, & '08. Here we are with Sandy (a Braves fan) in a Braves/Cubs playoff game in 2003. Don't forget the Cubs recent World Series win in 2016.

This is from our trip to Belgium and Holland, with friends John & Lucile Bondurant. Here we are at Bruges, Belgium.

This manta ray was photographed during a dive off Grand Cayman

This photo of my favorite toy was taken by Chip Overton at an Antique Boat Show.

The following are pictures from more recent trips - Europe, Africa & Canada:

The following set of pictures do NOT have a particular theme -- they are random and self-explanatory:

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Note how the fish has assumed the color of the coral.

Sandra and Ned at the charming seaside village of Villefrance, also on the French Reviera.

Back in '05, the Chevy and I appeared in the movie "Walk the Line" - filmed in downtown Memphis. Note the fedora.

There is the parrot aboard Star Clipper.

Here I am on the helm, with Lee Shackelford pointing for the optimum tack.

This our home in Memphis, which we bought in 1970.

Nice looking fan coral.

​​​Hello...My name is Ned Smith and I live in Memphis, TN.

 I am a retired Mathematics Teacher and enjoy Sailing, Scuba, Photography, Classic cars and boats, and Hunting. I received my Captain's license recently and have been engaged in teaching sailing, chartering and boat rigging out of area lakes, particularly Pickwick.  I also enjoy doing volunteer work here in Memphis. My lovely and charming wife Sandra, our sons: Sandy and Geoffrey, and our grandchildren: Katherine and Elizabeth are featured in some of these photographs. Our daughters-in-law are also featured. Also featured are various toys and unique photos of trips we have taken. We're also Cubs fans.